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Gold Standard Promotions Inc.’s Impact

At Gold Standard Promotions Inc., our goal is to deliver customer-focused service and results-driven products in order to offer sales and marketing solutions that will outperform those of our competitors. We pride ourselves in creating innovative, fresh campaigns that will lead the market, not follow it.

How We Achieve the Gold Standard

Our mission is to provide our clients with the sales and marketing services they deserve. We know that a great relationship relies on communication, and the relationship between our clients and their customers is no different. As such, we work hard to ensure that our clients are connected with the right customers quickly and effectively. We ensure that our employees here at Gold Standard Promotions Inc. are well-informed about the companies they work with in order to provide successful campaigns.

How we succeed

  • What We. Can Do for You

    Each of our team members here at Gold Standard Promotions Inc. have different experiences, and we hand-pick the most suitable team member to assign to each campaign in order to ensure the best possible service.
  • Representing Our Clients

    Here at Gold Standard Promotions Inc., we work quickly and effectively to deliver personalized sales and marketing campaigns which are tailored to our clients’ needs.
  • Helping Our Customers

    We work closely with our clients to devise promotions such as special offers and introductory prices which please existing customers and entice new ones.

Gold Standard Promotions, Inc., is Giving Business Advice to Millennials

Gold Standard Promotions, Inc.,’s team is giving advice to millennials. Millennials are the most important hires for the team and will continue to be until the next generation comes. A millennial is someone who was born between 1980 to 2000 and are also the new trend to...
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Gold Standard Promotions, Inc., Educates on the Difference Between Getting Things Done and Being Busy

Gold Standard Promotions, Inc.’s team got inspired after reading a recent article on Inc.com. We always thought there was no difference between getting things done and being busy. Who knew there was such a huge difference? The team recently started taking advice from John...
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Gold Standard Promotions, Inc., Promotes New Team Member and Celebrates with BBQ

Gold Standard Promotions Inc., believes in creating a team atmosphere that leads to celebrating those who work hard. We recently promoted Allison C., to leadership and celebrated everyone’s hard work with a BBQ. A team that knows the importance of being successful knows...
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